Top 5 limitations of using a free blog

Want to start a blog ? will be very convenient for you if you are planning to start your blog for non-profitable purposes such as sharing your ideas, thoughts with your friends and visitors.

But if your plan is to make money out of it then there are few limitations to it.

In this post, I will help you understand the limitations of a free, so you can know if it will be a correct choice for you.


TOP 5 limitations of using free blog

1- can anytime suspend your account –

If WordPress finds that their terms and services are being violated by you, they can terminate your account. They will not even bother to inform you or ask you to remove the contents. By this, WordPress make sure that they have complete control over the blogs you post and can take away all your hard work that you put on your blogs in seconds.

2-  Unwanted Ads on your blogs –

WordPress might place ads on your blogs without your consent. You will not even know what ads they place and with what frequency. It surely doesn’t look professional. Even if someone clicks or use the services by going to those ads, you will not earn even a penny from it, while WordPress gets some credits by doing so. However, you can have these ads removed if you pay an amount nearly $25 – $30 for a blog per year.

3-  You cannot monetize money through it –

Yes, you will not be able to make money using the free This means that you will be unable to place ad links, banners, text ads or place advertisements using Google AdSense, Chitika or any other ads by some other advertising programs. If you want this, then you will have to pay for it.

4-  Limited space for uploads –

It provides you with a very little space for uploads which is nearly 50Mb. It is very less space for many of you but for maintaining a personal blog, it is sufficient.

5-  No access to custom themes –

Only those themes can be used by you that are currently available for free account users. There is a very limited option for you to chose a theme. However, you can you can get access to custom CSS and customized fonts by spending $30. If your plan is to use your own custom theme even then you are out of luck because it doesn’t allow you to do so.


All in all, I will suggest you to first decide what you want to do with your blog and then chose accordingly. If your need is just to share your thoughts and maintain your personal blog, then is best for you. We all know that everything has some positives and negatives. Same goes for I will discuss its pros soon.

Anything else ? Please let me know via comments.





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