What is a Blog ?

Most of you already know what a blog is. But for those who have heard this word for the first time and don’t know what it is all about, it is an abbreviation of the term “weblog”. Now what is weblog ? You can find a whole lot of definitions in the internet but to understand it in simple terms I have a very easy-to-remember explanation


Explained – A Blog ?



A blog in simple terms is a way to share ideas, opinions, thoughts etc. with the world. To be specific, it’s a journal on a webpage, an online conversation. It is social because it creates a platform for the reader and the writer to interact and share ideas. It is a place where you put your thoughts and express your feelings through writing about your passions and experiences. Anything that you want it to be. These are often regularly updated.

Few terms related to blogs :

  • Blogger : someone who writes content for a blog.
  • Blogging : act of writing posts for a blog.

You know it all, right? But think of the time when you heard of this word for the first time. Probably you would have searched for its meaning or have asked from someone. There are many out there who encounter with the word ‘blog’ for the first time and as a result a lot of searches over the Internet for it.

This man says a whole bunch about blogs here.

Anyone with some different explanation feel free to list in the comment section.



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