Explained – Domain name and a Web-host ?

In this post, I will be discussing about Domain and Web-host and how to chose a good service or plan. People get a bit confused when they come across with these terminology. Initially you are overwhelmed thinking to start your new site but later in the process you get stuck somewhere in the web. So I have decided to make a simple post for you guys so that it will become easier for you to understand these basic terms and their importance.

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What is a Domain Name ?

A Domain name is an address of your website or URL. Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses. These names are used in URLs for identification of particular web pages. In the URL ( https://www.blograzor.com/page.html ), the domain name is ( blograzor.com ). Here you can clearly observe that the domain name is just a ‘piece’ in the URL.

It is very likely that you confuse URL with the domain name.

For a clear understanding, here is a short explanation of the terms people often get confused with :

  • URL – It is the unique address for a file that can be accessible on the internet. An entire set of directions containing extremely detailed information. For instance, the URL for a particular video file might look like –> http://thisisurl.com/videos/123
  • IP Address – An actual set of numerical instructions that identifies a device on the internet or a network.

A few domain extensions are :

.com – used for commercial

.net -used for network

.edu – used for educational institute

.org – used for an organization.

What is a web-host ?

After registering your domain name you have only completed a portion of your task to start your website. But to make your site go live and accessible to the visitors, you need to have a web space where you can do all sorts of processing and store your files to be published. This is done by having a web host service provider.

A web host is a service that helps you to put your website on the internet for people to view it. Typically, a web hosting company provides you with some space in its servers.


These days, there are a number of web hosting services available, which ranges from free services to expensive ones. Free services have lots of limitations.

Bluehost, Dreamhost, GoDaddy are a few of many webhost service providers.

Now that you are planning to start your own blog, it is the time to register your domain and buy a webhost plan. There are options for you to start a free blog with WordPress and BlogSpot. But there you will have a lot of limitations.

Here I will guide you to chose your domain name and web-host.

Check this : limitations of having a free WordPress account.

Registering a domain name

 Now a days, it is very easy to register a domain name. There are a lot of domain registrars to chose from. Some are cheap while a few expensive.

Some of the domain registrar are GoDaddy, ResellerClub, NameCheap, Network Solutions, Hover etc. While you can chose any of them to buy your domain name but I will recommend you to buy webhost plans from Bluehost or Dreamhost because it is very reliable ( you will also get a free domain name for year if you buy web host plan from Bluehost ).

I will discuss about web host plans and services offered by them in some other posts.

What you need to buy your domain name and hosting services

Yes, you will need to have a credit/debit card with you. Also , having a verified PayPal account will do the task. So if you don’t have one then please get it and then go further.

Choosing a webhost service

I have already discussed about what is a web-host. If you have missed it, check it first.

Now choosing a suitable and reliable web-host plan can be very daunting to new bloggers. You need not go and buy a plan which is not required for you. Suppose you need only a single domain name and you don’t want to grow a business out of it, so you will not want to spend your money buying a pro or a business level plan. It is good to first see how much traffic your site gets and then chose a service wisely.

I will say to buy a basic plan if you get less than 1000 visitors. You can always upgrade your plan as needed. There are many hosting services that offer hosting plans at a very low cost which are generally not very reliable and they can make your hosting experience a hell. You know that nothing in this world comes without a value. You get only what you pay for.DH_Banner_728x90

If you are using WordPress, you should surely go for Bluehost. It offers one click install of WordPress. Its support services are also good and it provides an uptime guarantee of 99%. And you will not want your new visitors to see error messages while visiting your website.

Few recommendations for a newbie in order :

  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • Dreamhost ( while this is a good webhost but you would not want to empty your pockets in the beginning only )
  • GoDaddy ( it has really improved its services for last 2 years )

If you are already using a webhost service, kindly share how were your experiences with them in the comment section below.

Prashoon Jha.


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