Essential WordPress Settings and configuration

In this post, we will setup some essential WordPress settings. After you have started your blog, it will be very useful to first make sure that you do the following which I will be discussing in this post.

When I started my blog website, I was totally unaware about how to manage a website and how to get started. As I already knew about blogging platforms such as BlogSpot and WordPress, I decided to go for WordPress by going through some of the reviews on the internet. After reading this post, you will be able to understand what are the few important settings and tasks that a new blogger should start doing soon after he buys a hosting plan. As I am using WordPress as a CMS ( Content Management System ) for my website, my main focus will be settings related to it.

Getting started with WordPress- Essential WordPress Settings

When you install WordPress and sign-in, you are taken to your Dashboard where you can perform all sort of things that you need to handle your website. From installing plugins to changing settings and to add/delete new post(s), moderating your comments and many more, you are able to control all of your backstage tasks in the dashboard. After your first installation of WordPress, you will see that there is already a post, page and a comment which is added by default and you don’t want it to appear on your website. So this takes us to our first setting.

Deleting default post, page or comment :

The following snapshot is just for illustration. As I have already deleted my sample post, so you are unable to see in the pic below.

delete sample post

In your Dashboard, go to Posts->All Posts and delete the sample post that you see there by moving it to Trash. This will move the sample post to trash from where you can permanently delete it. Now, go to Pages->All Pages option and do the same.

Changing Permalink setting :

Go to Settings->Permalink. Under the Common Settings, click on the Post name. Save the settings.

permalinks setting in wordpress

What this setting does is that when you publish a post, the permalink which appears in the search engine will contain keywords of your post name. This helps your posts to rank better.

Go to Settings->General settings. Here you can change your site title, tagline, email address and so on. Make necessary changes. Here is a snap of my settings.

general settings

Setting Ping List :

Now go to Settings->Writing. There you will see Update Services. By default, there is a single ping service in WordPress. However, you can add more by clicking update service link and pasting the ping services in the space given. Whenever you publish a new post, WordPress automatically sends notification to these sites.

ping service

For settings related to comment, go to settings->discussion. Change settings as needed.

These were some of the basic and essential settings that you need to do soon after you install WordPress. After you do the necessary settings, you will have to install some plugins which will improve your seo, user friendliness, boost up your website and so on, based on the plugins you install. For plugin installation and their settings, I have made a post which will guide you through the process of installation and their settings.

Note : Following are two of the most important and must have plugins for your WordPress blog.

SEO by YOAST Plugin

WP3 Total Cache

If you find any problem related to any settings, feel free to ask by leaving a comment. I will guide you with each and every step.







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